Our Church Prayer


God, Our Father in Heaven,
You Who willed that our eyes be opened to see You,
and gave us our own free will to choose –
we choose You today, with thanks and praise.

By Your Grace alone, we stand before You now
and confess out loud our deep need for You.

Now Lord, by the Power of Your Holy Spirit at work within us,
bring into remembrance what You have done for us.
For it is You Who first loved us, and worked to redeem us to Yourself,
sending Your Only Son Who endured the cross for us,
and raised Him again on the third day –
That we may know beyond a doubt
that sin and death have no power over God's Son.

Lord, keep us ever mindful of Your deep and unchanging love for us
and our growing love for You in response.

Let us treasure up all these things in our heart
and meet with You daily, alone, in that Most Holy Place,
knowing that it is for You and Your Purpose that we are living now.

May we continue to work out our salvation with reverence and awe,
and strengthen us that our faith may not fail.


In Jesus' Most Precious Name we pray, Amen.